Fraps recording EXTREMELY fast

So today i was thinking of making a Silent Hill machinima based on a manuscript
I am making. After I recorded all the desired, I had a gut instinct that my footage would be messed up (It has done this before in the past just to let you know). I open of Vegas, i start importing all tracks and footage. As i start to edit everything i look over every piece of footage. Each and EVERYONE, excluding 1 that was pre-recorded video was damaged. As in damaged, I mean when i watch them they’re super super fast. I believe they should be running at a consistent 29.97-31 ratio FPS. These files are running at a whopping 60-100, to the point where it looks super cheesy and not really good looking. I was wandering if my Fraps (2.9.8, build 7777) is corrupt, needed to be updated, or my system (which i highly doubt because i used other recorders for other purposes and it went extremely fine with HD results. If anyone can reply with REAL help or ideas please comment. I need help because people want me to film and act in several machinima’s… :slight_smile:

What makes new people think that the Screenshots section provides assistance for Machinima-Makers.

Oh im sorry, i believe i mistaken which section to put this in. I am new so please assist me or “bare” with me.

You could put this in Fast Threads, (question threads go there), or possibly in the hardware and software section. They know quite a bit about different recording programs and tips and tricks.

This is Screenshots and Movies.

I would suggest checking if the box marked “sync video and audio” is checked…
If it’s unchecked… Then… there’s your problem