Fraps recording with ATI Graphics card.

Okay so I just got a ATI Radeon HD5750 Sapphire graphics card for christmas. Before that, I had a Nvidia GeForce 7600 GT.

I uninstalled all drivers for Nvidia and installed ATI’s.

I use fraps at the settings:

Full Size.
50 FPS
No Sync is unmarked
No Cursor is marked. (Not important)

Don’t need to tell the sound settings. It’s all about the FPS now.

Comp info:
Graphics card - ATI Radeon HD5750 Sapphire
Processor - AMD Athlon 4400+ Dual Core 2.30 Ghz
RAM - 3,00 GB.

When I’m going in Gmod, I use kinda high settings. This makes 150 FPS when not recording.

And my problem is: When I start recording, the FPS goes down all to 15-20. I want at least 30-40 when recording.

Would anyone help me fix this?, Thanks.

i use fraps to and i have noticed that then i activate fraps(starts recording) it goes down in fps, and it helped me setting down my settings in the quality cause fraps can’t handle all the information it receives.

Fraps is laggy. I heard that you can “tweak” Fraps so, that it doesn’t reduce your FPS too much.

just mess around with the settings, if all else fails, source recorder…

If all else fails use source recorder this way