Frat Fortress: Sniper is Peeping Tom!

MY latest gmod “masterpiece”.
My first in a planned series dubbed “Frat Fortress”.
Warning contains content your mother would probably deem inappropriate, so if you are offended by pixelated cleavage, do not watch m’kay?

Are you 12?

No…i’m sorry have I breached some code of facepunch etiquette unknown to me?
And if you’re implying my humor is immmature yes, I know it’s immature.
So what?

It’s kind of unfunny. The video itself isnt that bad, it just has lots of delays between where:
1:Sniper shows entire team his video
2:Where hes walking to the house of women
3:Garbage Day (got boring)

Definitely not one of your “masterpieces”

Oh well, constructive critiscism is appreciated.
Glad you think it was ok

That sniper is a faggot!

The word splicing at the end was good, it’s just that the video was just kind of… stupid. Some parts were too random to be funny and you coudn’t really see the sniper’s cellphone. Work on your posing and overall quality and you got some good videos in your future.

I noticed a slight error on the tv part where they playing video game. the fighting clip is sticking out of the TV

Well, considering that the majority of gmod vids are just random shit strung together, at least mine has a story (even if it is a stupid one) and with a name like Frat Fortress, what do you expect other than a bunch of humour related to sex,video games, obscure pop culture references and people getting hurt?
Also, my logic when making this was: something that contains a lesbian orgy between Alyx,Zoe, Lara Croft, Chel, Heather and Maria from Silent Hill, Samus, Rikku from FFX and Rochelle from L4D2 had to be at least “like” worthy.

it wasn’t bad, especially Breen goatse, so I gave you an optimistic.

I think the ending would probably be funnier if we didn’t actually see the train. If it ended with “awww piss” and faded to black I think it would be better. Like the ending of the ‘Spanish Inquisition’ sketch by monty python.

Sniper is pervert. Pretty bad video.