FRC Labview and Wiremod, should it be done?

lab-view- software used to program
i am surprised no one has thought of this. i was the main programmer for my team. team 2925 and i learned how to use the software lab-view because it was just like wire. I’m going to try and copy down as much about the software robotics library’s while i still have the software. wouldn’t it be cool to practice real world robotics with wire? i think it would

first thing first this is an example of lab-view from Wikipedia
this uses chips and wires just like wire-mod

next there is the brain of the robot, the crio

the big thing is the crio and those are modules plugged into it,
those modules have sidecars attached to them

example robot

better example of labview, this is my program

tell me what you think would it be worth doing?
probably use wiremod and pcmod things like that.


ok :v:

I prefer Windriver C++ for robots, Labview is so annoying. Block diagrammed based languages usually don’t take you very far into the future.

Lua doesn’t take you very far into the future either…but we still do it…


But I agree, I also think Windriver C++ is better but I haven’t done much with either of them in a long time. So try not to take my word for it.

i wanted to use windriver c++ but everyone decided we should use labview so i could teach the other kids next year

i find e2 suffices for making robots.