"Freakin Vampires" Francis being all badass, shooting Zombies with his Akimbo Uzis


Nice muzzle and light. But Uzi is clipping with Francis arm.


Faceposing is pretty off, his mouth is saying ahh, the type of ahh the doctor tells you to do. Nose wrinkles and cheekraisers could’ve helped.

Lighting is win.

Gun poses are a lot harder than the generic standing poses.
Gotta pay more attention to that.

You need to work on your muzzleflashes.

Whats wrong with them?

They are too yellow, and they’re very blurry.

I just realised how horrible Francis’ teeth are.

In my times, vampires was sucking blood.

muzzles a bit ugly and too yellow, lighting is great as usual but not as good as your previous works