Freaky Blue Lights in Rust?

Hey guys,
I was playing rust today and I came across a strange occurrence in-game

has anyone else experienced this and what is it?

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Yep, I’ve seen it twice before but that’s as far as my knowledge goes.

I was creeped out too.

You see, in the Rust canon the zombie virus actually came from an engineered catalytic dimensional rift into an alien world whose inhabitants purposefully seeded the zombie plague. What you are seeing are portal storms, a resonant effect of these rifts.

[sp]no wait that’s hl2[/sp]

[sp]omg your magical![/sp]
Uh…I thought they were black holes :suicide:

Nonsense; black holes are spherical
In a 4th dimensionalkind of way

[sp]Will i get banned for wasting data doing these?[/sp]

oh ok. Maybe there flaws from when garry said let there be darkness. Me must of coughed during it.

black holes to other servers / universes

yes yes yes yes

its teh matrix :v:

Actually. thatd be gay. losing all your shit cause you walked under the sky :suicide:

I saw one of those one time, i started running towards it, but it dissapeared behind a mountain.

relevant :v:

I’ve never seen one personally but I think they’re amazingly cool judging from the screenshots, and hope they’re never removed.

Read sticky… its graphical bug that devs are aware from long time.

I remember this picture from when I banged your mom haha

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Someone didn’t read the rules sticky.

This, is the Oculus Rift


i dont even know if its a bug or intended, i think its a bug since not all players see it in the same time