Frechetta's Buggy

Well, I wanted to make a kick-ass buggy, so I did. I made an engine to go with it too as seen in the video.
The only reason to watch past 4 minutes is to see how bad of a driver Cricket is. Screens will be up later today.

Watch it. Now.

You have to watch it at MetaCafe because my music got taken away at Youtube.


Very nice buggy, i seen you make the engine and some other parts. really nice!

You didnt use my awesome paintjob

I’ll post a picture of it tomorrow JDB. I just didn’t feel it was right for the color of the final version.

V nice, but post pics!

Nice buggy looks like an old tamya racer i got. You tube is getting faster at blocking music too.

Hunta im looking for my hl2 dvd now hope i find it :frowning:

I loved blowing this up on the server. Also, it’s the best buggy I’ve seen or driven, like ever.

Meeph put some speedo-brakes on it to make it handle better. Before that it was a lean mean driftin machine. True story.

Screens up, more to come of JDB’s paintjob. I’ll upload a new video from a different site so theres music >.<

Use or something :V

But the buggy is fucking sexy.

Looks OK I guess.

I remember chasing it in a jeep last night as seen in the vid, its a very nice car with great handling.