Fred in 40 Years (Fred Figglehorn Parody)

lol. :slight_smile:

What the fucking hell


No likey?

yes no likey

I know its not hard to make but it took me a bit, :stuck_out_tongue: PLus fred is a fag, so w/e NO sense of humor? Cuz everyone else laughed thier ass off at this

Don’t be so ignorant. People have different perspectives on comedy rather than what you’ve created.

Lawl, did you seriously gatta get all smart on this thread? Lmfao.

That was fucking gay. Fred sucks, but that video was horribly made, uncreative, annoying and made you look like you are jealous of him. I hate his videos, but I ignore them because I’m not a 12 year old girl!

Plus, its almost unacceptable bobbing peoples heads around to show that they are talking.

If one, did not know what GMOD was, They would accept the bobbing of the heads as a sign of talking.

What’s with the comma? I don’t understand what in gods name you mean.

You’re defense is working against you, bro.

You are posting the video in a section where people are appreciate when people spend time faceposing and screenshot stop motion animation and make their videos awesome. We have seen countless videos of shitty head bobbing and it shows laziness.

When you say “If one, did not know what GMOD was” you are saying that you’re key audience doesn’t know what gmod is and as you can probably tell, this is a Garry’s mod movie section in a Garry’s mod forum, so, if you post a video, make it good.

lol. my grammer may not be checked before posts, cuz i don’t really care that much. kk anyways “in god’s name” Lmfao. Where’s the '? Oh, and god. LOL! GOD. Lmao. Too bad he doesn’t exist.

I liked the sparky cum

Proves that the video section is going down in standards.

No it’s not. Us people who are actually good at making machinima are working on shit.

Case and point, my new released machinima “A Day in Time”.

Yea, i know. That comment was geared twords those who dont. I dont know if you noticed but most video’s coming in are not good, and on average your getting a ok-good video to every 20+ bad ones.

I liked it cause it made me laugh.

I lol’d at it a bit too, mostly because I’m not used to hearing really bad language come out of Fred. If anyone saw the RL version of “Fred at 40” in related videos, LOL.

Lip syncing is not required. Bobbing heads works just fine. Liquid, you have got a lot of flamers on here, don’t feel bad about it. Your video, I will admit, was pretty bad, but that’s nothing that you can’t improve. Hell, it took me three two and a half minute videos to become a LOT better at making them. Don’t worry, just PLEASE for the LOVE OF GOD, do not make comedy movies unless you wrote them yourself or is a compilation of contraptions. We’ve seen enough of Over 9000 and Dr. Haax. Comedies are extremely difficult to make in Garry’s Mod, mostly because of how tempting it is to just make it look retarded and not funny.


If by “everyone else” you mean the youtube community then it is worthless.

Mate, get the fuck out.

This wasn’t funny, it was boring, no effort put into this, nobody laughed at this.
Please, never try again.