Freddy Krueger model

I was hoping someone could make this guy:

Make a ragdoll of him, and the glove can be a seprate model aswell. A lot of people and I have wanted this for so long. So if someone can make this, you will be considered very awsome!

I’m one of the people who’s been wanting this since I joined.

I knew you would post here.

Glad I didn’t disappoint. Bitmap Image (2).bmp

When you want something, make it yourself! Still in Wip phase, but it’s coming along.

HOLY SHIT! That actually looks really awesome

sweet, Nico Belloc base?

Yeah Niko is the base. I added more to it, after I test it out i’ll post some pics.

Due to Niko Base, this would be best if done like this:

Only other thing I could point out is making pants and boots black. But this is awesome work!
Beginner at texturing or have you done it before? Bitmap Image (2).bmp

Did pants and boots.

Texture on the coat looks awful,
other than that it looks good. Bitmap Image (2).bmp

Used hatmaker for the hat. Lol, trench coat thing looks like a sweater, got more work ahead of me.

Edit: Hey jason, can you pm me the jokot.vtf file again? (Niko) So I can give the coat freddy more then one texture.

The default Niko or the player ones?

Your player ones.

Good news, I have put the skin onto a citizen instead of niko, now all I need to do is tweek a few things, I’ll post a pic tomorrow.

Edit: Bitmap Image (2).bmp

“Come to Freddy!”