Freddy VS Alma

Full HD Size:

*Since Freddy is a guest Character in MK9 … :wink:

Freddy is going to get liquefied.

wow, I love this! The sparks coming off Freddys glove needed a bit more ‘oomph’ factor though. But I can just imaging Freddy saying “Your in MY world now bitch!” Winner for you.

Hah i think it’s the best of your MK9 screenshot series!

A match made in Hell…

Now thats just mind blowing twisted in a crazy insane way.

Never thought about Alma and Freddy … this is gonna be interesting.

Freddy’s gonna get his ass whooped.

Nice pic.

Great work, Mask. Looking forward the rest of these.

coughSheperd v. Cyber Sub-Zerocough

Alma is a ghost, a spirit, right? With psychological powers?

Freddy is a literally a god, a dream god.

Freddy was a pedophile before he died.

GL Alma.

Alma can skin you with a thought. Freddy is fucked.

Freddy is immortal.

Alma might as well be immortal - the fact her body got blown to shit and her ghost
continues to liquify everything it touches is pretty impressive.
…well, she was cool untill F3AR, then she got ruined. God damn that game.

Oh, cool pic by the way mask! :v:

Freddy doesn’t have skin :v:

Naw man. The only thing that can defeat Freddy is 80s Rock Band Dokken.

Also the sparks on the wall were a very nice touch.