Freddy Vs Jason final fight!

Freddy’s face be a little weird I now. but hope you like something with this picture :smiley:

The contrast looks horrible. I like the idea though.

yeah it was a bit dark. hard to make freddy`s face lighter

sigh He’s back, guys.

The picture is horrible, the machete looks weird, that other guy is red in his face, and you forgot to turn up the quality.

Contrast rape.

It’s the revenge of the 16 bit flames! RUN AWAY!

My dad worked on that film :confused:

Contrast rape.

yeah i work on contrast now. i will try make good pictures but i learning… :slight_smile:

but thanks. because you said what was wrong. so I can work on it :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh Jesus Christ, that is scary.


In a bad, bad way.

horrible edit posing isnt too bad though

The contrast rape is scary.

he is red in the face because it is freddy. and the map was to dark.

Contrast is awful. Looks like Quake 2.