Free 24 slot servers for gamemode developers.

Hello, We at would like to offer 2 24 slot servers to gamemode developers. If you want to use them, post in this thread with some content of the gamemode and information together with your steam name. If we think it’s looking good or has a lot of potential, we’ll contact you via steam.
There’s a catch: you’ll have to use the community’s tag and naming form.

inb4 stealing gamemodes.

inb4 inb4

Seems like a great deal, the gamemode developer gets a free server in return for getting their gamemodes stolen (or the assumption thereof). It’s a win-win!

I didn’t think of that risk when making this thread… I’m not sure how I could prove that we don’t have any sinister intentions with the gamemode(s).

You can’t because you do… DX

It’s really rather impossible to prove that you won’t steal people’s gamemodes, and that’s the issue GSPs face too, but GSPs are in the business of selling servers, and stealing gamemodes would be counterproductive to that. Stolen gamemode=less traffic at original server/community=less chance of bills getting paid. You, on the other hand, are offering free hosting, so the impossible to avoid question is: what’s in it for you that we don’t know about?

We want to grow our community.

Plus it’s not like developers can’t install srcds themselves and test it that way. Safer, smarter and more secure. :v:

I don’t think hosting your own dedis on your desktop would be good, but whatever.

Im sure he means for testing.

Works fine when I do it.

Works perfectly fine. It’s also the ideal testing enviroment as it correctly provides the client/serverside instances correctly, unlike SP / Listen servers.

Hell, srcds barely eats up any memory unless you’re throwing stuff around.

Well, this is for people who want to have their gamemodes up on a public server if they can’t/don’t want to host themselves.