Free 32 slot Server.

Well, I have a VPS I use for my own gaming community. Unfortunately, my own community isn’t using the vps to its full extent. I will host one free GMOD server (32 slots) for someone, as long as it is not DarkRP or the server is going to be empty all the time. The server will never be shut down, as I’ve paid for the VPS for a year. I will continually pay for it until either my community dies or I have financial problems. The server will be located at Chicago, USA. Just add me on steam (Link is in my profile) and we can talk more.

Added. Let’s talk

next server you have message me on steam TheBlueDarkmaster

The server is still available. I just want to know which I think would be the best to give it to.

it wont let me message you on steam :{

Location? Also it’s probably best if you do a post limit or something so guests/people don’t join just for the server.

Talking to you on steam!

Server is hosted in Chicago and the host is nfoservers.

Adding you.