"Free" 3d Model Blog....?

What the hell is this shit?? These obviously aren’t his. Or free. And it makes me very angry for some reason.

What the shit. I bet the creator thinks “I’m so cool, now people on the internet think I’m a pro modeller”. That’s just pathetic.

Well, he does give some credit to the author sometimes. Like with the Nanosuit rip, he says it’s EA’s model. But yeah, putting up ripped models just like this is shady business.


Ok, what the shit.

I demand a raid in response to the above post.

What the heck…? That not even his own hl2 hack/reskin model nor the rest.

And wasn’t this done by simkas? oh boy.


Can anyone say irony?

That is ironic… Really ironic.

The renders are nice I think.



Those look familiar. :smug:

Tell EA he is selling their models.

Don’t mention us and EA will assrape like they do with every franchise they get their hands on. That and they won’t bother us :v:

Haha, I like the way he rightly notes this is ‘Gordon Freeman’: http://gfx-3d-model.blogspot.com/2009/02/gordon-freeman-game-character.html

But this is just ‘3D Girl’: http://gfx-3d-model.blogspot.com/2008/09/girl-3d-model.html

I doubt their his own renders. I don’t know what to think about this guy.