Free 3D Models + 3D Models request .

Hi guys and welcome to my second thread on FACEPUNCH . in this thread you can :
1-Post a link ( MEDIAFIRE / MEGA ) for your uploaded 3D models and then ask me / people or FACEPUNCH users to texture / animate / rig it .My 3D Models ability ( texturing 90% / modelling 90% / adding meshes to a 3D model 80% / rigging 50% / animating 20% )
2-You can make a request or ask a question searching for a specific 3D model .
3-You can upload a link For a free 3D model to get downloaded by this thread guests .

But before you post the link for your free asset you need to follow these simple RULES :
1-Your 3D models shouldn’t be ripped from a game or any game like ( COD series , Battlefield series , Assassin’s creed series … )
2-If you want to upload a link for a free 3D model it needs to be ( .FBX .OBJ .PSK .3DS .C4d .Blend ) format .
3-You shouldn’t make an AD for a selling 3D model and you can give credit for any model you like ( if you want to ) .
4-By following the FACEPUNCH RULES : .

Please Guys take a look of what i made this week : ------------------------------------------ Ammo box / crate. ------------------------------------------ Holografic sight. ------------------------------------------ Oil jerry can. ------------------------------------------ Hand grenade.

Are you able to rig characters with ValveBiped skeleton?

In theory, it isn’t hard. Actually it’s not really hard at all, it’s just tedious.

Yeh , maybe if its compatible with blender .

It is. I’ve been working with blender and 3D Studio Max for a year or so now, and both work equally great. All you need to is change the bones to specific names.

Good news ,I’ve been using blender for 3 years but i’m poor at animating and rigging as i said in my thread’s introduction .

All you need is rinse and repeat, that’s how I learned animation and basic 3D-Sculpting. It’s really fun once you get into it.

Your UV wraps / Textures are amazing. Do you use Blender? Any suggestions?

This is my secret that i wouldn’t tell but i can give you an idea of what i’m using :
I’m using blender for 3 years , i was creating models using blender cycles put when the version 2.70.5 was out , there was a baking option with the baking option you can bake Cur and AO maps that you can use in any texturing software to create 2K/4K textures .

you would help me alot if you could make a skeleton for this model and convert it to .dff

You probably should’ve just sent a PM to the OC, because this thread has been dead for over a month.

Hey, I recently modeled a space jet but my texturing skills are like shit. Heres an image of it:

Heres the DL:

The model hasent been hypernurbed/smoothed so its in a low poly mode for sorting out the UV’s and as for the design/colour scheme, something like this [](, if not then do whatever you think is best, cheers.), if not then do whatever you think is best, cheers!

What do you mean it’s dead , i’m the creator and it isn’t close , it’s just not updated .

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Okey , bro i’ll do my best , but for the it’s too much low-poly , and also that isn’t my style because i have no skills at it but i can do my best . just tell me material and info . please .

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Bro , in blender that format doesn’t exist so , maybe i’cannot help a lot or even at all , so please tell me another format .

Not sure if you have much/any experience with interiors, but there’s this bad boy:

Custom VTOL on Google/Drive

It’s my own custom original transport VTOL design with a full interior.

Bro , i’ll open it and then , i’ll tell , before that , let me some time so i can finish the request of the last guy of the drone .

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Bro i’ve seen the models it’s not in order everything is everwhere please , bro give me an example or maybe try to make materials with ( real material name ) so i can texture it . okeay

Bro your model texturing is done if you want is you tell me ,and if you don’t tell me what to change ,( the material is plastic )

Well I was thinking of something like this for the outside: and the interior looking something like this model:

The pieces that are all over the place are panels that will eventually be rigged. Most of them are either 5 units or 2.5 units removed from their position on the plane. They can be moved up or down right back into position to make the plane “whole” again.

hello guys, anyone have the BF4 MP characters fully rigged ( or a link ?

then just make it a .3DS or a wavefront .obj
i guess i´ll somehow can manage to convert it

EDIT: if your cool you might take the extra step and use the dff blender plugin

this is an example model with bones (it´s in .dff format)

maybe you can just replace the soft skin?

Bro , you’ve send me only the models , No info , no ID , you should make the models inside and then send me the models again , but make it more better . Okey

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here they are : enjoy
But tell me what are you gonna do with them ?

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No , Guys , it’s a game model , it’s format cannot be read in lender directly , you must convert it by NINJARIPPER or GAMEXPORT or by 3DSRIPPER or CROWBARTOOL for .mdl file and then import it into blender , okey understood .