Free 3d models I found and want ported

Can anyone port the following to gmod as ragdolls when he/she gets time. Thank you very much.

Chichi from DragonBall:
Young Son Goku:
Lumina Flolight:
Merman Sora:

Wowee, those are all pretty terrible. Why?

Because they are not terrible. They are accurate.

Doubt anyone but a person interested in those respective cartoons will want to have anything to do with the models.

Though some people like that hang around in the forums I thnk.

Come on, people. Stop trying to discourage these things. Besides, I really Really want these almost as badley as everything else I posted.

You do want EVERYTHING.

I swear you make a new thread almost everyday. I’ve been waiting since 2009 to get some of the few things I wanted done but did they happen? Not really, but learn some damn patience and stop asking for so much shit.

why the fuck do you request all theses things?

Wanting something really badly dosen’t make it happen faster.

Like I really, really, want there to be an end to world hunger.

Hmm. Nothing happened. I wonder why?

I would rather wanted models rigged from BT3, Budokai 1 for Chi-Chi and Kid Goku, at least there they are accurate.

@Showmeyamoves OK OK fine.

@Xanatoast Because I have a dream. To make gmod pics and movies like the world has never seen before.

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@sp1904768 But does that game have young Chi Chi from the original Dragonball series? I liked that version of her better.

On second thought, maybe i’ll wait until one of my other requests is released. I’m gonna take a break from requesting for a while.

Leave trainguy the fuck alone.

All he wants is some simple requests filled and you people are treating him like shit for it. Real nice, you dicks. Maybe if you actually filled a request for him for once, he might actually stop, but no. You call the requests shitty and insult him every time.

This is why I hate this community and all hardcore gamers. Learn some fucking manners, douchebags. (BTW, I see the irony in that last thing I said.)

He has like 50 or so threads of request and keeps making more. That’s FAR too many I think. The porters have enough stuff to work on already and he expects them to do all the crap that he asked for.

Yes BT3 does have Kid Chi-Chi.

we aren’t harcore leet tacticool gamers that fucking spam patatochop shit all over the forums, we just want shit ported to make screenshots with, but ours are over shadowed by 50+ request threads of low poly cartoon models that no one will use

I doubt there’s that many. I’ll admit he needs to learn some patience, but it’s not all his fault. The rest of you blatantly refuse to fill any requests of his not because of you being busy, but because you claim them to be “shitty” requests. All I ask is that you people at least politely decline some requests of his.

I know this guy. I’ll send him a PM and ask him to slow things down.

Oh. I see.

@coonfoot Thanks for standing up to me. But I think I need to take a break. I don’t want these guys to have my head on a spike or even a dragon named spike.

Nope. More.

Over 50 requests including maps. Not including maps, its still over 50.

As for your request, trainguy, I doubt anyone would want to work on such low-quality models. I don’t mean to sound snobby or be a dick or anything, mind you.

How do you know they are low quality? Did you even look at them yet?

I mean why are you all saying they are terrible if you haven’t even seen the actual models yet?

Nobody here should jump to conclusions.

Merman Sora, if it´s the high poly (the one that you see that moves eyes, mouth, etc) it´s the one tha he maybe it´s talking about, & i´m 50% sure of it. Young Chi Chi from Budokai Tenkaichi 3 has textures, so most of the expressions are with those textures i´m talking, the same with Goku & the other 1, well, i don´t know

Sounds good, sora5200. If you had a steam account, i’d friend you.

And everyone else, I will take a good long break from requesting. Because the 3d models I find on the net might still be there next time I check. I am sorry for overrequesting.