Free 50 slot server...

Straight to the point… I have a server its been gathering dust, I really have no use for it, its not the best host BUT its also not the worse, its in the middle…if you are looking to set up a server, The server has fast dl, 50 slots, Garrysmod (Hosting Platform is TcAdmin) etc etc,its fine if you have no experience in setting up a server, Im willing to guide you through that since I originally learned from people myself(So much easier this way instead of guides".

It would also help if you post what gamemode you plan on hosting and your steam username:I will attempt to add you.

The server will not expire, they messed up on my billing, and I recieved the server for free. Well Im sure it will go down if the server host itself shutsdown.

I simply just want to make use of a unused server and give a chance for someone to set up a server.

Edit: Its hosted in California Pacific time.

Pm or post here is fine.

I’m interested, could we talk this over on steam?

Ill add you on steam right now, but I wont be on for another 3 hours at most.

I’m GMT+2, so I’ll be sleeping then. Hopefully we can catch each other at some point, otherwise we will have to talk through PM

Pm will do for now, I guess.

I’m interested. Put we low on the priority list though, as I’m sure there are people who want this FAR more than me, and can put so much more dedication into it.

what would you be hosting? If your looking for a gamemode but want custom stuff say new guns, point shop etc, I can help you with that.

Out of curiosity, who’s the host?

I do need a spare server for testing and having fun with some friends, I do want this, Very badly.’

Edit: Add me on steam

Hello, I’m Jacob. I would love to host a custom made DeathRun on this server. I have played gmod for a long time(6 years), but I have never hosted a server. It has always been a dream of mine. Add me :slight_smile:

Hey I’d be very interested. A Friend and I want to start our old Gmod community back up he’s a genius with lua and with maintaining a server. read “About Us” to know more

I’ve been seeing some hits from facepunch on my website. If anyone is interested with helping out or being a part of a starting community feel free to add. Ignore the main page. I just put it up to get hits on reddit :rock:

What gamemode would you community run?

Tbh my friend is barely setting everything up. I installed the server on what will be the game server machine. The server is playable and the map is about to be uploaded. We always played DarkRP maps and enjoyed it. The machine I’m hosting it is a quad core with ddr3 1066 ram and 1 gmod server wasn’t affecting it at all so we’re considering hosting 2/3. Pretty sure the other servers (if hosted at all) will be different game modes or slight variations. checkout the website and come in to talk if you wish when you see me on. my name in vent is Astiliano and my friends is Axuix.

I’m pretty interested, and you can read the PM I sent you for details. My steam username is THE ACTUAL RON PAUL.

I bet this guy will get 400 requests. “I want to make DarkRP server” will be the top one.

Dark RP is bad

ISnt this NOT the place to post this?

Added you on Steam

Steam name is skeligandrew

I would use the server to host a “theatre server”
the map is a cinema and a youtube player streams media on the screen you can buy popcorn and walk around etc…