Free Addons and sweps For TTT

Ever searched for ways to get TTT addons and SWEPS but could never find them?
Well heres your chance to get them for free, Add me on steam if you need any help!

SWEPS: – I support Help if need.
Defib – Also help with coding in all CSS weapons (These are separate, So add me on steam for these)
Golden Gun
Silent Awp
Silent M16
HeadCrab Launcher
TripMine – Add me on steam for traitor help code (It will make all traitor tripmines red for traitors)
Turtle Grenade
Help on changing your crowbar to something else
Custom Join message and noise – Add me on steam for Custom Join noise I need to implant it or show you how.
Pointshop – If you ever need help on pointshop add me on steam tell me your problem and I will help as soon as possible

there is a catch or you would just upload it someplace and give the link out/workshop

Theres no catch

Then why would you make people add you on steam for it? Why not just post the link to the download?
Seems dodgy to me.

There you go I put the link now

-Snip, OP fixed it-

Let me reupload it

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Try now I just tested it, It should work

A lot of stuff is very basic and found on a many of TTT servers. Nice place to start out and if you’re looking for some filler, you might get some use out of this.

If anyone has a working riot shield, I would be very grateful.

I have a riot shield it doesnt work cause it floats by I can look at the code!

get models yourself. should be on or workshop