Free and GOOD CityRP addons? (or addons in general, if we need to switch gametype.)

I’m trying to help my friend get a good server going. So far it’s on-and-off but we want to get it popular. It runs EvoCity_v2d with the CityRP build.

Unfortunately, suffice to say, we’re using things like money printers you have to re-fill and the basic pre-defined classes, gun dealer, rebel, chef, etc - and to be honest it’s a little droll…

Anybody know of anything we can go download to spice up the server a bit?

Of course, we want to avoid mingebags (although that’s impossible, I guess…), but I was wondering about some things I’ve seen on other servers. Money printers that don’t need refreshing but literally print money (spawn a pre-defined amount at certain intervals that you have to go back and collect)… Guns and other items you have to create using items bought from NPC’s… Growing drugs like Cannabis… Creating organised factions/gangs/organisations etc.

Anyone have any idea where to get this kind of stuff from? I’ve had a long gander at the GMod site but couldn’t really find much.

Thanks in advance.
~ Garacesh.

You should try to spice it up with some passive rp, events and such!
The addons are not really needed, focus on creating an amazing community before you worry too much about that. But if you must know, I would recommend that you fetch these two playermodel packs:

Extra citizen models

I am unsure if these work properly or not, I used them back in the day when I still used cakescript.
You should give them a try at least.

Good luck, pm me if you need any help!

Definitely get scars! :open_mouth:

Thanks guys. Anyone got any other suggestions?

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Where did you get this CityRP?

Because I want to see what it would need. :3: