Free Autodesk software (Maya, 3DS Max, etc)

You must be a student for this to work. Go here, sign up, and you will be able to download any Autodesk software. They all have 3 year licenses, which is plenty of time. I also think it allows you multiple licenses, as my account has 4 copies of 3DS Max licensed. Enjoy.

Love you OP!

Damn it, I don’t have a school e-mail :saddowns:

Thanks homie.

I love you bro.

I love you hard.

Is this a .edu email? I need to see about obtaining one from my college so I can sign up for the Cryengine 3 student SDK.

I just signed up with my, I think they’re working with a list of registered unis/colleges

Hmm, I’d like to think so, because I’m entitled to this being a student. I don’t even know my email for college or if I even have one. I guess I’ll have to ask around.

I signed up using my obscure Swedish school’s adress, and it works just fine. Awesome.

Sass someone at your college / uni to do this for you: for extra brownie points.

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Argh, I don’t know my Hull College email password. I’ve tried DDMMYY and with my initials.

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Oh yes bitch, apparently it takes a couple of tries + I got the captcha wrong (or it glitched more like.)

Well shit… now I wish I still remembered my School email from a while back.

I’ve got my doubts that it actually checks if the email is a school email or not. Since I had no problem signing on with a law faculty email.

I’m pretty sure it does. When I signed in it showed the name of my school even though the only thing I entered was my email.

Um, it does. It checks for verified educational domains such as and .edu. :stuck_out_tongue: Well can’t complain, as opposed the MS student stuff this actually worked on the email.

XSI has decided to royally butt fuck itself, so this came just in time.

I’m downloading 3DS Max now.

Thank you very much, OP :buddy:

How would i find my school email address if, i don’t know where to find it, because i cant find it by my teachers,my schools website, so i was going to ask where should i try to contact to find it?

Love you

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Long time

So, when my license expires, can I get another on the same account or use a friends email?

Both, i think.