"Free BJ's!" Bloo, Hunter, Reff, and Frost messing around on a server.

Me, Hunterdnrc, frost, and Reflectant were screwing around in a build server one night, and I started to build a vortigaunt piggyback ride vehicle.

Eventually it turned into a Vortigaunt blowjob machine.


Reflectent took the screenshots and compiled it into a Gif, I posed it and held the chair up, Frost was the blowjob recipient , and Hunter was off screen being AFK.

It was pretty lulzy. No online session of Gmod will ever amount to that one.

what is this i don’t even

I don’t think this was worth a thread.

Did this really need a thread of it’s own?

this doesn’t deserve a thread, tsk tsk

shame on you

:science: ** SCIENCE!!! **

This is why we can’t have nice things.

Didn’t think you were serious about making a thread. :doh:

We have a thread for this you know… :doh:

This isn’t thread worthy

Jesus Christ.

And this was actually already posted in I think v9.

I agree, this shouldnt be on it’s own.

I’m glad that I only go to my own clan server in g-mod… that’s fuckin’ creepy.