Free Box

I’ve got an unused box for a month. Whoever has a legit use can have it. I’d prefer someone with a good history on FP so I know that you won’t abuse it.

Can I use it for hosting servers? :smiley:

I could greatly use it. I run a 200 member community and we can’t afford a box quite yet. We currently have a pretty popular server as well.

Actually, nevermind. Someone else could probably use it more.


I’ve got a fun idea, whoever gets to it first.**

Public Network**
IP Address:
Usable IPs: -

                                                                                                                           **Private Network**

IP Address:
Usable IPs: -


Remote Desktop is available with the following information:
RDP Username: admin
RDP Password: AUQEYv3kea

do i win?

Good job (you’re supposed to change the password :P).

idk what i want to do with it

Gosh, who keeps on kicking me off the RDP connection.

Lol. that was quick

I keep logging collin-pc off of it.



i am the final boss of the server box, you must defeat my clicking skill!


omg, who shut it down…

Did I shut it down? I was kinda typing fast there. Oh, no, its up again, did get that -r in there.

Edit: Annd down again.

It’s starting up!

Edit: That was weird, it like went down again, but now it’s back up :D.

someone changed the password, who got it?

Chalk one up to amazing RDP skills
The ironic part now is that I have no idea what to do, I already have a dedi. I’ll probably just repost the password, it’s fun to watch :smiley:

Yeah, I should do it again. :smiley: