Free C4 !?! Phukd-Gaming @ Multiplay :: [EU] Airdrops+10/Remove/PvP/No Wipes

Our soul purpose and aim is to build a community of gamers across multiple games.

As title states, we are giving players a welcoming present of free C4 for a limited time (Every 24 hours actually) for the next 7 days ! So come on in and blow something up !

IP - ( net.connect )
Server Location - London, England ( Europe )

  • New Server
  • No Wipes
  • Sleepers ON
  • Remover
  • Active, Fun and Fair Admins ( We don’t tolerate admin abuse )
  • Airdrops + 10
  • No Decay
  • PvP/PVE ( You play how you want to play )
  • Zero Tolerance for Cheating & Hacking ( dealt with by our BAN HAMMER )

Players Welcome - ALL
Play Styles Welcome - ALL PVE/PVP ( Its Rust play it how ever the hell you want to play it ! )
Staff - We are always looking for dedicated community members, from forum mods to game admins
Other Stuff - A Sense of humor maybe required but not 100% necessary

If we can answer it, we will. If we can help, we will. Anything else we can help you with we will try our best in game and out !


  • Oxide
  • Cheatpunch
  • Airdrop Frequency Controller ( 10+ players )
  • DeathHandler
  • Decay Control ( No Decay )
  • Door Sharing
  • Knock Knock
  • Private Messaging
  • Top Rust Servers Player List and Voter
  • Remover
  • Stats
  • Base Alarm


  • typing /help will give you a full list of all commands that you can use

Our Server is listed on ( Currently we have a paid server listing number #4 in the Sponsored Servers list at the top on the front page )

  • Vote for our server here. By Voting for the server you will be rewarded with the following items (Subject to change):

  • M4 x 1

  • 556 Ammo x 50

  • Hatchet x 1

  • Explosive Charge x 2 ( AWSOME RIGHT!?!) - for a limited time only!

  • Vote, then join the server and type /voted to claim your stuff.


  • We have a TeamSpeak 3 server, we have not yet publicly released the connection info, altho we have a 500 client server potential.
  • Come play with us and we will give you your own TS channel


  • Anything else please say, state, ask, scream or shout it or leave a message.
  • Post on our new forums
  • Add me on Steam Shoki

Shoki @

Wow, this is great. Great server and friendly admins! + Free C4 :smiley:

Added + Supply Signal x 1 for voting

yeh been using this server since day 1 cool admins good community +1