Free copy of Garry's Mod. First come first serve.

I already own Garry’s mod but I purchased the Humble Bundle and so I have a spare copy. First PM gets it.

Now I already own Gmod, but what’s up with that gothic Vash the Stampede avatar? That’s hella dope.

I’m not sure. I put it on in 2005 and haven’t been on the forums since. Lol

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This thread can now be closed. Many thanks.

Sure, I’d like a copy. But I’d like to dedicate it to a good friend of mine. Think that can happen?

It’s already been given out

Oh I couldn’t see any responses. I thought I was the first :s

It was for pm’s.

that scammer, man

it may not be a scam, he could have bought a bundle of games, which came with gmod, since he already had gmod, he got a spare copy of it to give away, and he is being so kind as to give it to one of us. i got portal this way

‘Scammer’? He gave something away from the kindness of his heart, and you label him a ‘scammer’?
First come, first serve, that’s why it ended so fast.