Free CS:S Mapper.(me)

I have a while to do some beginner to intermediate/advanced mapping (no expert mapping unless you can be VERY specific). And since I’m bored as a pile of rocks in a graveyard(randomness is fun(so are parenthesis)), I feel like making a map for CS:S. I’ve made maps before that I’m too bored to upload to show you examples of. Anyway all of them have had good reviews. I can map pretty much any game mode but bhop(who the hell bhops anyway?). Don’t be a troll, you would do this if you loved mapping and were bored as fuck too. So if anyone needs a Pro-ex-vanced mapper(I can do 2 projects at once) I’m here for free. Depending on the project I can have it done in 4 days to a few months.



If you are so ‘pro’ show us some of your work.

Also, everyone knows that you can’t “sell” source maps.

Every pro knows that a good map cant be made in less than about two weeks.
Thats how long it takes oskutin at least.

I know plenty of people who pay professional mappers to make a good map.


That’s why I said it depends. If the only person that wants me to map for them is an 8-year-old that says MAKE ME A KITTY, I could be done in a few days.

Well those plenty of people are fucking stupid, and I’m pretty sure it’s illegal to sell source maps.


Show us your work.

I like it. I might actually do that. Would be awesome.

I hope that is sarcasm.

Ha who made it a law that you can’t pay someone to design maps with a software designed for making maps? And let me FPSB the maps because when I upgraded to W7 I deleted all my maps.

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The fact that valve has a copyright on all the source stuff, including sdk, the vmf format, and just about everything related to half life.
That means that anything you make with the sdk is technically their property, and its illegal to sell it.
People will pay the mappers to make a map, but you can’t sell a map in the sense that you make a map, and then charge people X dollars to play it.

No, read copyright law summarizations, they will clearly point out anything made by a person(regardless of what they made it with) is owned by said person. Otherwise source games would basically be owed to AutoDesk because they use their software to make their models. l2troll

It isn’t simply a software used to design maps. It’s a software used to design maps for a specific engine.

A software used to model/design maps would be something like Blender, or google sketch or whatever. Those are free programs, that allow its users (I think) to sell their models.

Going by your logic, why aren’t ‘good’ map packs available on steam for a price?

Valve does not charge for DLC on the PC, either.


Wrong. The idea is the persons. The actual product is not.

Falls under creative commons I believe. Pretty much the same thing DJs are protected with when they make mashups of various songs.

… [/thread] I will [restartthread] when you go offline tonight. Goodnight trollicus. And this wouldn’t have been a problem if you would’ve noticed I had said it was free in the first place.

Everyone asking for my work read the above statement.

Doesn’t matter, you sell your service.

OK, see you tonight then. Too bad neither of us were trolling, and you’re just wrong.

Show us your work.

ITT: OP assumes everyone with critique is a troll.


And show us your goddamn work!

Show us your work. Sorry, but considering bad mappers outnumber good mappers about 10 to 1, it’s hard for us to take your word for it.

Selling your service would be selling your models or selling level layouts, with all the details you need to make a map.

It’s like an architect selling blueprints. He is not selling a building, he is selling the idea for one.

Selling the map is different from selling the idea for one.

Forget it. I found a person to work for.