Free CS:S trial anyone?

Hey, I have problems with textures on loads of servers because I don’t own CSS, I hears that if I use a trial they stay on gmod forever. If this is true or not, I would like to know if anyone is interested in giving me one? Please?

Cs:s trial?


I think he means the guest pass.

That would make sense, since the files would be in your computer after you download them. But begging for a gift(or trial, as you put it), does not really work.

It will work for the time the guest pass is active, but the files will be encrypted and locked after the guest pass has expired, so this will not work.

I was gonna say something, but a ban sense came tingling down my spine.

But begging won’t get you anywhere, it’s only 20 pounds for CSS, and you cant complain about not having a credit card; because they sell it in stores.

20 pounds for css? but its only 16 for css+gmod. is gmod worth -4?

Average, not like I checked; I bought it ages ago.

Oh, dont want to get banned, so could a mod please close the thread?

Edit: How big will CS:S be if I already have all the half lifes?