Free darkrp coder - get me before anyone else!

Hi facepunch

I like to play rp alot I owned my own popular officerp server.
For those of you out of ideas or using classmaker I’m for you, I will do anything on a darkrp server for you, including add addons, jobs, drugs, cars

and anything else within a limit, if you want my help add modegg on steam, remeber i’m 100% free

would you help script this:
We are thinking of using a darkrp edit

I may be able to help with this

wow what is with the dumb spam


where has automerge gone?

The dumb spam is for a reason, nobody should need to “hire” you to edit DarkRP, it’s not exactly hard. And the fact you are having to advertise yourself kind of shows nobody really cares.

And the post time difference disables automerge to allow for bumping.

O ok, wtf? this is helpful, some people may want a big edit of darkrp and not even have the time/brain for it

:cheers::cheers: cheers to that


:sonia::sonia:Strip 2 that

DarkRP edits don’t take that much time/brain to do. It’s designed to be easy to edit. Making your own RP gamemode, and then doing edits of that, however, would be something.

Just to let you know that 2nd most servers are darkrp so i believe that they all dont get a change to make them different so why not help them :cawg: :jihad::nyd:

Man, you can’t do big edits, I’ve seen you try to convince us you can before. You seem to know the stuff that was DESIGNED to be known. Adding classes/ shipments/ vehicles and so on. I have a feeling that if someone requested a entire re-coding, new HUDs, new ways to handle money, and various other features. It would come out full of errros and messy code.

I’m not saying I can either, but you know, stop flaunting yourself so much.

Noodle man feels he must use emotes in every post apparently.

I have started to learn more lua

Uh, yeah ok. remake the entire HUD on DarkRP, and make it good, I will pay you 20 dollars.

That part doesn’t take long :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve only been coding for ~ 7 months, and I already have my own (Pretty good, I must say myself) adminmod under progress, and several private projects.

I’ve never bothered editing DarkRP, because I don’t honestly see the point. It does look pretty easy though.

Noodle Man, your officerp server is a fucking mess, you have meaningless classes, constant minges, and no RP.

If your own server sucks, what good does it do to flaunt your not-so-amazing editting skills?

Ok then, what officerp is mine

All of the officerp’s out there are horrible, but your the owner of the worst of them all. The PK Officerp.

Not you again, for fucks sake.


Plus, who would want a 13 year old annoying little ‘coder’?


You said you’re 13 your self. don’t deny it.

Just for the record and the millionth time, I’m 13
if you haven’t realized you was 13 once

And also pk officerp dosent exist

and my officerp server isn’t up any more someone wouldn’t stop ddosing it till I unbanned them, so you lie


And I’m not a annoying 10 year olds that talk like this

there is 3 years differents, in trying to help people, so why is everyone moaning
I know I’m not the best lua coder, but I do my hardest to help the people that can’t do simple edits

Your Pk owner aren’t you? All of the office RP’s sucked horribly. They all had potentional, but they sucked anyway.

Also, I think someone can google search and learn how to do a simple edit in about 5 minutes. You still have horrid grammar, so you might as well be speaking like that. Because it’s almost the same.

Yea i’m pk owner, how would you feel if I said I’m gonna learn more lua then work on my own rp gamemode that isn’t a darkrp edit

I don’t think that a good way to learn lua is edit darkrp so can you give me a quick tut of where to go with lua

also, I have just finished my first entity that sets your armour to 100 then removes itself

I’ll post the code can you run over it and. check if it’s ok

also also: I’m making a entity set, it will be npcs that when used you can buy guns, drugs, food, and more