Free Darkrp Coder

Hello, I was looking for a DarkRp server that would need some help getting there server up and running. I am a coder for coder hire too, but I also love to code on my free time.

What I can provide:

Death Message
Car Dealer
F4 Menu
Custom Motd Menu
Website(rules and other needed items)
Fastdl for the Addons(easy)
Custom Money Printers
Custom Specail Jobs for ranks(if wanted)
And I can even go more then that. Just ask. :slight_smile:

Seem interested? Comment down bellow and ill get back to you.

Add Me on steam: Shock Elite or xxubentviewxx

Thread closed because the amount of hate I’m getting to “help” someone for free. I’m not going to even said “coder” because apparently it’s so easy. For the people that actually wanted help I got to some other I’m sorry:

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I don’t really see how this is “dumb” I’m just trying to help people with there darkrp servers. Some people are new and might need help and im willing to help and spend the time to teach them. If you want to complain about stuff that I’m provided you can pay for it on a site called coderhire. Not to sound like a ass. But It’s funny when you give the world a pie how much of the population throws it right back into your face. Anyways, have a good day.

Why would anyone need a coder to install ULX? Aren’t coders supposed to replace ULX?

Its more of helping.

Seems like your entire list is just basic DarkRP stuff that can be done through looking at the wiki, all apart from ‘custom motd’ got an example of that?

If you want to help me out pm me your steam name. I could really use someone.

Edit- I am an idiot I’ll add you on steam

Don’t be surprised if he snatches your code.

Pm me or add me but you can not have FTP. Just make something when I ask and get superadmin/vip rank.

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My username is bballchamp99 or NotSoSuper

lol. that stuff doesn’t quite qualify you as a coder needing to be hired. they can just look through the darkrp wiki to do all of that. and custom MOTDs aren’t hard either.

As a matter of face I really need a coder to provide the code for a TTT weapon called “The Traitor Knife” which upon stabbing of innocent it turns them into a Traitor.

You need to have the code to something that you probably saw on another server? I didn’t understand there was a medical condition where people die if they don’t satisfy the urge to copy stuff.

Anyways, I don’t understand why this guy is getting a hard time. It sounds to me like he at least has a little knowledge and would like to help some people out. He’s not the greatest coder to ever grace the earth with his presence, but beggars can’t be choosers.

That’s pretty simple to make, doesn’t require too much coding. Isn’t that on several servers anyways?

Someone not very long ago at all made a thread about it asking someone to make it, someone was kind enough to do so, the code is public somewhere on the forums, so probably ^

Hello im new to this forum so i dont know where to type :D,

So my problem is i have darkrp 2.5 on my server and i add entities to the gun dealer and that worked fine !! But i add a job Black Market Dealer but in modificationdarkrp and I cant add entities (with the folder “addentities”) to this job !!
Maybe because is different folder i dont know! help plz

entities folder : C:\Users\Ludovic\Documents\Servers\Gmod server\steamapps\common\GarrysModDS\garrysmod\gamemodes\darkrp\gamemode\config\addentities.lua

Hey, add me on steam. I wanna see if you will prove useful for a porject.

Add me on steam (Erkuspwn) I need a coder

Hello, when i do F1 on my server im getting this error:
lua/includes/extensions/table.lua:99: bad argument #1 to ‘pairs’ (table expexed, got nil)

If this is a command of a job, you probably did something wrond when making it.

help please!

What the hell guys? This guy is clearly learning Lua and one of the best way to learn is to code. Quit bitching a guy that wants to learn Lua while helping…

But trying to help people is a shit thing to do. Asshole

That ruins the point of ttt.

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Im just trying to help someone. You dont even know my codes. Why does it even matter to you. Its for people who dont know what there doing but want a darkrp server…

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Yes I am in the process of learning im sorry im not perfect guys…

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Sure man.

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Will do.

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I never made anything for your server? I dont even know who you are xD

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Give me the entitys for the guns and the name of the job and ill do it for you. But If you want to learn I can teach you.

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Yes It is basic, but still its not custom if you can find it online. I have left over code that I never use and for a starter it will work perfectly.

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Believe what you believe dude.

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Like I said on the darkrp wiki its not custom and starters that have no idea of what there doing is hard for them to look at the wiki and make something like a hud. I dont know what your talking about MOTD’s on coderhire take people 4 days… I dont know what you have been making.

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Thank you. And yes im not the greatest. And im doing it for free, I just want to help but I get shit… When your kind to the world the world gives you hate its funny how it works. xD

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okay so your basically saying if someone helps you its a shit thing to do. You basically just proved how much of a “asshole” you are…

This is all the stuff that is provided on the wiki, it may not be the same job as they have in their jobrelated.lua ( DARKRP 2.5.0 FILE NAME ) but, if they know how to make a simple job, I’m sure they can relate to an example. Otherwise, they shouldn’t be owning a DarkRP server because if something goes wrong they have to rely on you. Also, I’m sure you can’t provide 24/7 help to everyone unless you are not a living breathing regular human.