Free FDL?

I’ve been wondering if there is any service offering FDL for free.
I’ve been trying to fix up the stuff and make my server to send all the files I’ve added, but it still sends just few which causes that some players can’t see all the items I’ve got in the server.
As well as that its slow to download through my server, and while the players are waiting for it all to download, they got bored and move to another server.

So I’ve got no money to spend on any paid service to do such, so I’d like to know if its possible to get FDL for free.

If someone minds to send me a link to one (in case of there exists any) it’d be great.

dropbox work and is free but killersservers are really cheap.

I downloaded Dropbox, but how do I share the files through that?

[TG]Chief(Alex) made a tutorial for this here

Thank you.
Well, it isn’t as fast as it could be, but I believe its better than nothing.

When I added FDL, the server bugged, when I took it off it worked fine again.
Why is that?