Argo Charge

Fuck. Now I want to play THPS2.

cool concept, great posing, shitty map.

Music fits.

i love your poses

This remind me old school multiplayer game.

That’s what I was going for.

I don’t know why but the first one is hella boss

That plain terrain gives it a old skool feeling to be honest, sorta reminded me of Army Men games. The posing is pretty good too. Nice pic overall.

Awesome! The only thing, that I kinda wish for is some effects on the Jets, so it looks like they’re moving. Motion blur, exhaust, idk just my opinion.

Argonian battle charge for the win.

Awesome as usual, i really like the posing on the first one, dramatic and humorous on the same time!

What map is that? it looks fun to mess around on. On the topic of the poses themselves, I thought they were pretty cool looking.

My only gripe about the map is that everything you put in the skybox turns invisible.

Thank you!

I love this art.

The map in the first image reminds me of Tribes Ascend…

These look nice.

modern warfare 4