Free game server provided by

Hello all!

My name is Alexander and I felt the need to offer the face punch community a free game server!

You may use this coupon code at

The coupon code is “facepunchfree”

No quotes! This is valid for a free month of hosting up to 64 slots ENJOY!

Our locations are Dallas TX, and Paris France.

We run windows on both locations
Our dallas location is provided by Limestone networks
Dual Intel Xeon 5640 (8 cores)
16gbs of ram

Our French location is provided by OVH
Intel i5 750 4x 2.66+Ghz with 16gbs of ram.

We closely monitor our resources and do not over load our servers

Again enjoy the free server who ever is the first lucky person to type that code!

Any issues you may contact me directly at

Thank you,

The code is available once more!

I happened to receive one, but, it appears my account is now deleted. Can someone resolve this?

Some one else happened to use the promocode prior to your order. We deleted the invoiced generated to prevent confusion. I plan on releasing one more code later today!

Hence why WHMCS has a setting where you set the code to be used once. I doubt you are giving them free and just promoting yourself. Even if you’re not, poor communication.