FREE game servers for 1 month!

Neon-Networks closed recently and transferred their customers over to Plugpayplay and they are now offering a 100% discount off any game server for 1 month.

Obviously, you should make the most of this… Even if it is only for 1 month.

You must use the code ‘neon’ at checkout for this to work
You don’t need to enter any credit card/paypal info


(User was banned for this post ("server advertising" - Orkel))

i feel like this is spam

Saving £100 being spam? Free game server for 1 month? No catch? Please explain…

At the least its advertising

I’m ever so sorry for trying to save you money.

P.S - If this is the incorrect category, would a mod please switch this to the correct category?

Dont pretend like you’ve donated 100mil to charity, ive had a free server from elpis for 2 years

What you’re doing is nice but not new or great