Free Gameservers to people who want one

There is no slot limitation on any of these other then the hard limits on the order page.

**How do I get my free stuff?

Currently we are out of stock on the free servers - please read this post for details.
**You must have at least 500 posts - if you do not have this amount, do not bother - you will be ignored.
**This limit used to be 250, but due to the amount of requests I’ve increased the limit - also as this was to give back to the Facepunch community, it didn’t feel right to be giving out services to people with 100-200 posts as they really haven’t contributed at all to this community.

850 posts are required for the Germany location

**Please only select the slot count that you expect to get used.
**Please don’t select 64 slots if you’re only going to use 4. Common sense. I can upgrade you if requested via ticket so there is no reason to get a 64 slot server if you don’t need it.

Depending on what gameserver you want, click on the link below. Type in your Facepunch username when asked and then PM me here with your order number (or email used). Regarding the web hosting, you can also get this with your game service - it is not needed for FastDL however as that is included by default.

Garry’s Mod
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
Counter-Strike: Source
Team-Fortress 2
Killing Foor

And of course,

Web Hosting

Note: The games mentioned above, but not linked are still supported - however you will have to PM me if you want one instead of ordering first.


While there was no official requirements prior to this, I’ve had a lot of requests (a lot of them) and it makes no sense to give you a server if you’re not even going to use it… so let me explain how to keep your service active:

What to do:

  1. Have players on. I don’t mind if you don’t have a large player base, but at least take the time to join your own server every day or two for a couple of hours.

  2. try to get a active community going.

  3. Follow rule 1.

***What not to do:

  1. Don’t have a empty server all the time.

2)* Don’t ask for a server if you just want a test server*

Do I have to use my real information?

No, you do not have to use real, valid details - this means you can use a fake name. However, as we use a fraud system please at least enter in your real city/state and do not use a VPN. I’d also appreciate it if you used a real email, if you do not use a real email address the login details for your game server will not reach you.

Do you offer support for the free stuff?

Yes. You can submit a ticket, open a live chat or use the below details:

Skype: Hellfire_Radio
Email: [EMAIL=“”]

**Why are you doing this?

**I’ve been a member of Facepunch for a while now - I spent a great deal of time here when I was a teenager and wanted to give back to the community. I honestly do not mind giving out these services, and it gives me a warm, fuzzy feeling inside.

**You’re not really giving out free services, right? You’ll just force us to pay for them later on.
While I can understand your skepticism, that is incorrect. I will not force you to start paying for these services later on down the road. While I can’t guarantee these will operate forever (since you never know what could happen regarding anything in life), I will do my best to ensure you have at the very least thirty days of advanced notice if I ever need to take them offline permanently for any reason. You will never get a email saying “hey, you enjoyed your service! Now you have to pay for it!”.

That being said, if you want to support me in this endeavor you can purchase a paid service or open a ticket requesting your free server become a paid server.

**If these are free they must have really bad performance!
Uh, no. All of these nodes run on the latest hardware ranging from E3-1230 V2’s to E3-1270 V2’s and I don’t stuff these boxes to the brim. I’m not making guarantees about x or x but I pride myself on offering quality service and I feel uncomfortable with any form of overselling, even if it’s a free service.

I can’t make any guarantees that your server will be lag free on Garry’s Mod as the game is heavily CPU dependent on the simplest things. That being said, if you are a competent server administrator and you know how to optimize your gamemode and server settings the world is the limit.

Example, while a 64 slot Sandbox server will likely be completely unplayable - 32 slots is not out of the question (see here). And for TTT, you can easily expect 50 players if not 64 or more ( see here (update here) ).

**I hear you run Linux, that’s a terrible OS for Garry’s Mod! No wonder you are offering free Garry’s Mod servers!
The only current issue with Linux is that some developers still will not support it and some mods/addons have issues with case sensitivity. This is something that the developers could more then likely easily fix, but there hasn’t been much demand for Linux as the market is still largely based around windows.

In other news, the world is flat and the the earth is the center of the universe. Linux Garry’s Mod servers are fully functional, and while it may still need some polish for the most part everything performs correctly - and in some cases even better - then it’s windows counterpart.

If you run into issues, please contact the developer so they can add support for Linux. And if they refuse to, it’s more then likely that the developer has stopped development for the mod or is too lazy to fix it - in which case, find a better mod. There are thousands out there.

**Can I ask for anything else not listed?
I’m open to any requests. Make sure to word the request properly and include what you think will convince me to provide you with what you want for free. It doesn’t take much - just make it look good and make it seem like you are smart. If I think you didn’t spend any effort at all in the request, I likely will not even bother replying to it.

Just a couple of days ago for example someone needed a new host for a mod download site (for kerbal space program). I offered him over a hundred terabytes of monthly transfer and multiple servers for his mirrors - didn’t even blink twice. I’d happily increase that even further if he needs more capacity - I’m also doing this for free and asked for nothing in return.

**How does this compare to paid hosts?
I’m honestly not sure, the last host I personally used for my server back in the day was Wolf Servers - and I really don’t recall what they were like performance wise. You can PM anyone in my thread though and ask them for a comparison assuming they switched here from a paid host.

You’ll have full access to all of the tools and trinkets that you would get with a paid server at Elpis Host though, so there is that.
Feel free to PM me if you have any questions, or ask them here in this thread. Enjoy your server!

hi was just wandering and i feel awkward for asking but could you please supply a gmod perp server???

Go get a vps for that, im not sure he wants his server getting ddos’ed because of perp and kids getting mad…

welll he said for people who wanted a server to ask him he didnt say anything about not haveing a perp server and he also said that he would like people to try and build a community sort of thing

Of course when i get loaded with servers this happens. Still got to say that you’re awesome for doing this every once in a while.

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Laughed at the first few posters. I doubt he’ll set up the gamemodes for you but will most likely host them.

well if he doesnt set up perp on there then i’ll have a good go at trying it myself

I’m not really interested in hosting leaked/stolen gamemodes and I certainly don’t have any of them on hand.

If you want a PERP server, might I recommend fanaticalVPS/ReThinkVPS?

Ok so I’m stunned here. I have no clue how to use FileZilla. I’m here for 30 trying to figure out how I can add my shit to my server thing. I’m so bad.

Your Awesome, servers are amazing, support is amazing. Love the Minecraft server i got. So i’m to say that anyone who visits this thread, this guy is better than anyone else out there, your quite amazing with how the servers run, no lag, and excellent performance on my part. Thank you. Also i was going to say if i may, see if i could ask some people, then come back and see if you may give us one?

basically it’s exactly the same as having two windows explorer windows next to each other

Yes I literally rented this box for the free gameservers so the offer is pretty much available until it’s full.

Is it possible for a bukkit server, 1.49 gig map and if possible 3 gig ram
I have a few friends that un servers for fu but it lags so we want to come together to make a minecraft server, we have the mods but not a dedicated server, are you able to help us, thanks

The other reason I don’t want to host Minecraft servers on this box is because it uses a HDD instead of a SSD meaning poor performing Minecraft servers.

Anyway, offer is still open – up to 128 slots on Garry’s Mod and 64 slots on other game types. Please PM me if you want a free server.

I’ll just say, you’re a great guy for doing this to others. There should be more of people like you on planet, perhaps (not necessarily for free servers, but you get my point).

I’m fine with my servers now though, but good luck for everyone with this guy. :slight_smile:

This is surely legit, Got my own 8 slot Garrysmod Server, love it. Hes a amazing guy, his servers are amazing. And if any of you are thinking of going with someone, go with darksouls servers. No lag, and amazing performace.

Well I hope ill be able to get what I asked for if my PM got through. The time of this could not be better for me also. Heh. But either way, pretty sick that this guy is doing this. Should really help many people.

Got my own 16 slot Garry’s Mod sandbox server now, And now that I figured out how I have to use FileZilla I’m on my way for a good server hopefully. Well, Thanks Darksoul for doing this. You have my bless. Thank you. I’ll have to gather my friends around for some great fun.

ok soooo gmod was a bad ask on my side so i was wandering maybe i could get a 32 man red orchestra 2 server???