Free Gameservers v2: 100% more free!


I’m offering game servers to people who are serious about starting a community or maintaining a community if they can no longer afford their own server at no cost. I’m doing this to give back to the Facepunch community.

The “catch” is that you need to have an active playerbase. I have a couple game servers still running from my original V1 thread back in April 2012 that have a active playerbase and in some cases are full 24/7. They have had no issues with the service provided thus far.

If you do not have a active playerbase I reserve the right to kick you off my free hosting with no notice or warning.

**How to apply:


**Please sign up here and then post in this thread that you have applied or PM me. There have been issues in the past where people were signing up with another FP users name and were not actually that FP user, which is why this is required. You need to be an active member of Facepunch with at least 400 posts to quality for this offer. I will not accept your application if were last active in say 2008 and decided to come on Facepunch just to ask for this free server.

Regarding profile fields on the order page - you do not have to use your real information.

Glad to see this is still around, I love you for this service.

I’m gonna’ order a server, mate.

thx babe <3

Still just as awesome as before.

Awesome! I’m gonna get one for the powder toy

Finally a germany one. Going to apply for a Gmod one.

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I wonder if mine is cancelled. If it isn’t I will do that.

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What exactly is a hostname?

Wait, it’s 200% free?!! YOU’RE GOING TO PAY US TO HAVE SERVERS IN YOUR HOST?!! :v:

I did that in the last thread for a couple of people… mind you it was a one time payment :slight_smile:

How long does it take until your server is set up? Just curious.

It’s in the OP.

Oh. Fuck. Missed that, thanks.

Just need 700 more post.
Thanks darksoul69, this is a great contribution.

Awesome. I’m gonna order a server.

Can we make out babe?

Darksoul is my waifu.

I love how every time I get close to the requirements for the Germany location, the requirements increase even more. It is actually quite funny instead of frustrating.

When I launch in Chicago and Seattle it’s going to be even higher :X

It’s happening. Elpis is spreading like some sort of low-priced viral infection. Quickly, we have to stop it befor-

I for one welcome our new Elpis friends to a city near I. Elpis is nice. Elpis is friendly. Elpis is free.

Cool beans!

Theres a new version for this? The requirements are better i see.

No. I want it to be at least 200% free or I’m not taking it.

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Really though, the server quality is the best. I was generating chunks in the world and the plugin said the lag would be horrible.

It wasn’t.