Free Gameservers v3: 'Tis the season

Continuing the longstanding tradition of offering free game servers to Facepunch members since 2012.

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How to get your free server:

If you have over 300 posts PM me and describe what you need and I’ll get you setup.

Supported Games:

Garry’s Mod
Natural Selection 2
Killing Floor + Killing Floor 2
ARMA 2 + Mods + ARMA3

Others on request.

**Where are the free servers located?
**Dallas, Texas.

**What CPU are you using?
**E3-1240 V3

**How can I get support (HELP MY SERVERS NOT WORKING)?
Please use the built in ticket system within the control panel for support.

What’s the catch?
I reserve the right to stop hosting you, modify the tickrate/fps and rates in general.

If your server has an active playerbase I’ll do my best to keep hosting you. No promises. It’s free.

If you’re the owner of the server and you’re not active on it anymore I’ll drop you regardless of player count. I’ve had a couple cases where the owners would just let the community run itself and never played on the server or update the server and that’s not cool.

**Wait so you rent this hardware right?
**Nope, 100% owned.

**What OS do you use?

DDoS protection?
DDoS protection is included. *However *if your server is being attacked constantly and it’s affecting other tenants I may ask you to look for hosting elsewhere.

**What’s the performance like?
**Here you go. Performance is ultimately going to depend on your configuration but that is a server running on similar hardware on my old free setup from 2012.

What network blend are you using?
Zayo, Comcast, nLayer, tinet and HE.

**I had a free server before and you dropped it. Why should I go through you again?
**If you were dropped for an inactive server then you know what the deal was. If you were dropped for other reasons please reference this post.
Simply put, the previous setup was unsustainable. I’ve invested a great deal of money into this new setup and since it is colocation my monthly operating costs will be well below what it used to be, so there is no further risk of being dropped again for reasons other then what’s listed above in this post.

**The password you gave me is crazy!
**You’re free to change your password. I would ask that you use the option in the control panel for 2FA if you’re going with a weak password though.

Wait, I thought you stopped giving away free websites and that’s why you kicked out previous (web) users of this offer…

Yes, I did stop offering free websites previously. If you’d like another free website now I’d be happy to set you up with one.

How many player slots do you allocate for a Garry’s Mod server? Would also using a small slot server for developing reasons be allowed?

There’s no particular limit.

I know I don’t have 300 posts but I could use a website for my gm community.

Come back when you have 300 posts!

The first batch of servers is away!

I’m probably going to use something other then UPS for the next batch since it was ~$160.00 just to ship those, which is ridiculous. The insurance was almost equal to the shipping cost!

Once they’re racked (should arrive on the tenth) I’ll start to send everyone’s login details.

That’s awesome to hear, I am so excited, soon I will have 300 posts. :slight_smile:

OP updated. A support system has been installed specifically for facepunch users with no personal details required.

Nodes are almost at the datacenter.

Nodes are racked and online and the first batch of game servers has gone out. Check your ticket for your login details.

You’re the best man! Thank’s so much for being this generous.

Ahh nice glad to see this is still going on.

noice brb shit posting so i can run my gmod sledbuild server to restrict people joining to my website via motd mods


No but for real man I would love to be able to come up with some kinda deal with you that don’t involve me shit posting to a higher degree then what I have already in my 4 years of being here. I like sitting back and reading everyone writes and not commenting my opinion. I have browsed the FP forums every day for the last year and a half at least and I have been active since 2012.

I need to set up a gaming community around a few gamemodes I know I can get people playing easily and keep them playing, I will not be accepting donations or admins, Players choice how they treat each other as I always liked to do, and I give them the right to votekick there friends that keep the server populated. If you wanna talk dude I know a lot of people that are doing cool shit online maybe we could be friends @darksoul69

Oh yeah I plan on investing in GMOD2 + VR + Custom textures for map makers that are centered around gmod :3


you can email me using the contact forum on my website or you can pm me back on here. Lots of cool stuff going on you might want to know or try to be apart of :}

Do you even know if he’s still doing this? Either way, he’s pretty strict about posts, so you probably won’t get one.

Yes, still offering this to anyone who meets the requirements and has a good FP history.

Too bad my I forgot my pass to my old account, thanks for still doing this!

I posted a ticket a few days ago, still haven’t gotten a response. Should I take that as a “you are a skid, fuck off” or “I’m really busy”

You don’t have 300 posts mate.

And you’ve had like three bans this month.