Free Gameservers?

While doing a Google search for cheep/free gmod servers I got to this website that claims to be giving away server. Has anyone used them before? Is it trustworthy?

Lurk more.

Sorry I am new to Facepunch. What did I do wrong?

Search for what you’re posting about, and in general observe the forums a lot before you post again. It’s for the best.

Thanks for the tips. I will lurk now.

This is probably just some friendly kid who’s trying to score some easy reputation, I wouldn’t use it for a community however I bet it’s fine for a few days of fooling around with friends.

Yea, I just got a simple sandbox I am using with my friends. I am new to Gmod but it looks fun.

Well for one, you only get it for 72 hours at a time. I’d recommend this site if you want to play with a few friends for a day or two, but I wouldn’t put a unique script on it. Ya never know where the files could go once your time is up…

I added days to my server with the Trial Pay.

The fuck?

That is Ewehost, which was most hated host.

That’s quite the serious accusation. Any proof?

Well for starters, they both use bluehost, they are both registered by FastDomain Inc, they both resolve to provo utah, so yeah… I’d say that’s a good guess.

edit: took off my adblocker (oh god I gave him a penny!) and they use the same layout as the old ewehost site did. so make that 100% confirmed that it is indeed ewe.

And Leo Fag told me to get one to take my files.

what do you put for the passcode

Its a fake site. If you use it, it could easily steal your infomation.