Free Gameservers

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Added 150 more servers - get one here:

Quick Rules:
MAX 1 server / person
The server will be suspended if it’s idle for too long.

I just got one and performance and ping are really nice, how much time will the server last?

Hello alrynec! As long as your server is active, it will last until our hosting goes fully live and goes out of beta :slight_smile: If you have any further questions, be sure to contact us in our live chat on our site :slight_smile:

Ok thank you! As i said before, this game server has a really low ping and the performance is awesome. Also I could upload addons, restart the server and modify variables really easy.

But I don’t know where I can edit the start server variables like +player_slots and steam collection.

You access steam collection in commandline manager :slight_smile:

Also got my server, works really good :slight_smile:

Glad you like to -

Due to abusers I’ve temporarily disabled signup - until I’ve enabled a system to prevent this…

Anyway I can add you on steam to receive notification when this starts up again? I’m really interested in getting a server for map testing purposes.


Why does the 706KB bodybg.jpg image take 21 seconds to download?
Is your upload rate capped at 34KB / sec from HostGator? That’s 0.2 Mbit upload rate you got on whatever the server you’re hosting the website off.

Website has been deleted/restarted and the control panel of the game server is unavaiable. Server is still up but with 1200 ping, completely unplayable. Looks like OP abandoned his project.

Hey, got one from the last thread and it suddenly went down so did the cp.
Didnt get an email or anything and it also had players on it everyday. May i ask why it went down?

Hi, how many days did this server went back up afterwards please?