Free Garry's Mod Loading Screen

No longer support.
I’ve creating new DarkRP server in summer 2017. And new version will be used there.

Use github, and put your description in English majority of people here speak English.

As a player the only thing I care about is absence of music on loading screen. I don’t want to silence gmod via system control panel just because server owner thought that having music during loading is a cool idea.

Wow man this is pretty good :^)
But we can disable music and replace the logo and backround…right?

Yes, just go to /images/…
And delete song.ogg to disable music.

There is also another version with some changes such as Files info, gamemode and map info.

Thanks Man :smiley:
Very helpful and nice loading screen

спасибо чел, только тут нельзя вроде сделать чтобы картинки менялись каждые пару секунд?

Very nice loading screen, might just be me or does the spinning wheel not working in game when loading into the server? Works fine when I view it on a browser just not when loading into the server.

Нет, после нового года сделаю обновление.
Сделаю конфиг, исправлю анимацию(она в игре не работает) и добавлю новые функции :wink:

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Yes you right. After NY i will fix this.

Is is possible to specify multiple images for a slideshow-like effect?

You can try.

i’ll make it after NY.

It’s best to use backstretch ( and set it up to be configurable by the user.

], {duration: 3000, fade: 750});

At the most basic level it offers slideshow capabilities. And with a simple function, you can have it randomize the slideshow.