[Free] Giving access to 16 slot server for testing

I have a spare 16 slot GMOD server not in use, LOCATED IN SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA.
However, the location of the server can be swapped over to PHOENIX, USA if needed. (or BRISBANE, AUCKLAND, MELBOURNE)

I want to give this to one person, or group, who would use it for testing things like gamemodes or addons that they are creating or have created.

Thanks :slight_smile:

(Excuse me if this is in the wrong section, this seemed the best place to put it)

EDIT: You will have full FTP access as well as to the control panel.
EDIT2: You can also use a 20 slot teamspeak I have to communicate, if you want?


-snip (offer not what I needed + unknown FP’er)-

Alright, it’s got just under a month left before it expires and I assume the FTP will be wiped immediately, I am busy for a bit so I am not gonna take the offer, but if anyone has any stuff they need to test, that they can put on, test and take off in under a month, it seems alright.
However, the OP is not known here, I am unsure if this is a phishing attempt for scripts or SQL databases etc. (Sorry, you seem cool, but you know, the internet and all that).
Reasoning for free server (Which is always useful to post in OP) is because OP bought an extra server then realized it had no use.

Anyway, good luck to anyone interested.

Wow an Aussie box for free
aren’t those supposed to be super expensive down yonder?

I can get them $1 a slot still with an overkill amount of ram and perfect ping, I have a promo code for a host.
Anyway, this is still available.


Yeah, but the thing is a lot of Aussies that are online are 12 and scammers. Not saying he is, he seemed alright in the 3 minute steam chat I had with him.
Just be careful, I can never trust an Aussie.

[sp] Yes, I am Aussie too [/sp]

Like always, when getting good shit for free, make sure you check it out 100%.

Was gonna post a lenghty post about how he hasn’t provided a steam profile link so we can look him up on coderhire/scriptfodder for possible leaking and how odd it is that he comes here with little to no posts (without knowing the FP community) and decides to give away free servers for specificaly ’ testing things like gamemodes or addons that they are creating or have created. ’

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Actually, now that I’ve re-read what he said.

Don’t add me… ever

If you can give me a way to prove that I wont leak or anything then yeah I will definitely do that, but Its simple. I bought an extra server and I don’t use it, I don’t want it to get wasted so I’m offering it.

Providing steam profile link would be a good start.

Also, imho this is a scam attempt.

If you are just trying to get rid of this server, why not give it to someone who wants to have a GMS or Sandbox server huh?
Why for ‘addon and gamemode testing’ specificaly?

Because I chose to post it here? I’m pretty sure there are developers who have things to test but aren’t willing to pay for a server. This isn’t a scam attempt in any way, I don’t know how to convince you but I’m honestly just looking to do something nice.

I dunno, it just stinks.
Giving a server away, but only if you upload gamemodes/addons to it that YOU made.

Anyways, I am out of this thread. I can’t really prove you being a scammer and neither can I prove you not being one so I’ll just stay away from it.

I want to create NutScript Test only server
that would be neat

Can I have a server? Do I get FTP access and access to console? If so I am in for it :slight_smile: I am gonna try out my gamemode on it and see if my community likes it :slight_smile: