Free Gmod server, Stock, no mods

Just as the title says.

Its kind of a long story. My dad likes gmod, He said that If I bought him the game he would play it , but I am trying to find a server thats really cheap located in the CA area but without all the hassle of setting it up. I am not really computer savvy but I have been trying to learn.

This will be the first game my father has ever played. He is 36 years old and I just met him about a week ago. I have never seen or talked to him until now.

Trying to have a son and father bonding grounds If anyone is able to help please let me know.

The server doesnt have to be large, maybe like 3-4 slots and maybe up only a month. Any server donation will be gratefully accepted

im interested

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I seriously doubt anybody is just going to give you a server, for free…

I am not asking for anyone to pay for me to have a server, but there are a lot of people with dedicated servers that don’t mind hosting a small dinky server for my father and I.

Why don’t you host your own listen server? So easy a child could do it :slight_smile:

Add me on Steam and I’ll help you out. :slight_smile:

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don’t advertise servers or ask for donations here. read the rules.

I don’t have a clue what CA means but add me on steam if you can’t find someone else. I have a server in NY that I don’t currently use for anything. I’m in greece right now though so you’ll have to wait a week.

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PM me instead.

you are not a mod

I just got Garry’s Mod yesterday… :zoid:

Uhm, should we care?

There was a guy on the forums here somewhere giving out small servers for gamemode testing, maybe ask him?

darksoul69, he hooked quite a few people up with free servers. Message him, explain your situation. I believe he ended the “free server” thing until he can get another box, but he may be willing to make an exception for you.

If worst comes to worst, you can home-host one. If it’s just going to be you two playing I can’t imagine it being much of a problem to host it yourself. Just read up on port forwarding and whatnot.

The biggest problem I see with people helping with this, is a lot of people are skeptical around here. Good luck.