Free GMod Server

***This is not an advertisement for a server host

I have a VPS with 4 cores & 8 GB RAM. I’ve hosted numerous game servers off it, but I’m kind of just burned out on it. I got it on a special deal, and if I cancel it I lose it, it is not an oversold server, so those resources are guaranteed.
I will still be using the VPS for things at time, but I have OGP installed, so you can manage your server.
I’m offering a Gmod server for FREE to someone who has a good reason/idea for it.

I’m not going to just give it away to anyone, so post why you want it, and be convincing.
If I like your reason, I’ll shoot you a private message.

Note: If you say DarkRP I will travel back in time with a coathanger.

I would love to try and start my own TTT server. I have the experience, but not the time or energy. Thanks for being generous though.

If you don’t have time or energy, your server will fail. No.

I can do darkRP, i know a decent enough about making custom jobs/Vip jobs & usergroups and all that shazz, but theres so many of them, i wish i could do a Military RP version, but i can’t wrap my head around nutscript.

something original please???

i would love this server to add to my community, GMCod, alot of my players have been requesting a free for all as my only server is a tdm.

I got plenty of time.

I could would host a fixed version of zombie survival 2 or custom sandbox.

[del]I’ve got this TTT mod I made ages ago. Had loads of fun with it back in the day until the community which hosted it kinda died out slowly and lost interest. I do also like experimenting about with different map styles and mechanics to make the game a tiny bit more interesting (stuff like local chat etc. not spiderman guns or that kinda shite). I still have most of my old files, so setting this up should go in no time. Not too sure whether it will attract too much of a playerbase again though, as the mod does increase difficulty quite a bit and the waiting time might be too much for some.[/del]

Im currently doing a local host of a nutscript, but need a more stable place that has better uptime, could you provide that if i were to ask to use your VPS?


is you srs

he is be srs.

Here it is. The greatest idea ever.

A sandbox server. Hear me out ok.

You can only spawn guns (Hell yes, wait…theres more)

Admin only cost $5, and you get nothing from it except the kick command ! (OMG CAN THIS GET ANY BETTER)

Oh, also. We could make it to where the gamemode switches to DRP. Man, can this get any better. The DarkRP server will be COMPLETLY CUSTOM with all of my Scriptfodder addons (Omg, am I rite)

In all seriousness, what would be pretty chill is letting people use it as a “Test your addon server” you can just keep it on Sandbox, and if someone is creating an addon that they want to get a public opinion on before posting, he asks you if you could put the addon in right quick. Then he (And you) can invite friends, or find strangers to test it out.

I’d like to make an attempt at starting another working Half-Life 2 Roleplayer community. I’ve run several in the past that were great, and were often even full, it’s just my lack of funds that prohibits me from hosting.

Even if I don’t get chosen, thanks for being a cool guy!

Can you prove it was popular?

Hello are you still loaning out your vps? if so I have a good reason and will tell if you reply :3

ps : Oh also its not dark rp i hate dark rp its for a TTT server

Huh, just noticed I posted on this. I have multiple friends from my community who can vouch that it was popular. If you’re still doing this, I’d love to do it.

One friend vouching, most of the others aren’t on, because it’s late right now.

Dunno if you’re dumb or not, but first, you necroposted a dead thread, 2nd I doubt he is still giving out a server since its like half a year ago, and third, you didnt give him real good reasons to give you a FREE server. You REALLY should get a job and money to BUY a server because servers dont GROW on TREES and they’re EXPENSIVE, if you want a FREE server, then you’re already a BAD owner because you dont even wanna invest MONEY into your community, so how would you even put EFFORT into it?

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It was Yuki who necroposted. I never realized he replied to me since it was a few days after I posted. I’m simply taking a chance to see if he’s still doing it. So calm down.

I would like t have a server because i have lots of friends we want to play together on like prop hunt ttt and stuff like that but theirs one thing holding us back is money i think this would be great for us and the community to have a nice server with nice admins ect and filled with yelling 12 yr olds :smiley: