Free Host

Anyone know of a free hosting provider with at least 10 player slots? Or maybe something around $5 per month free hosting very good


and are free one’s and very nice ( for free one’s :smiley: )

You really are a moron aren’t you? He was asking for a free Garry’s Mod server. Jesus, learn to read.

Watch it, borderline flaming there.

OP - you’ll be quite lucky to find a GOOD free server host.

Yes, sorry. I’m not really trying to flame him…

Anyway, I’m sure the OP can open up a ticket at either Xenon Servers or Brohoster and they would be able to accommodate him. He may have to limit himself down to around ~3-4 slots though.

yes i am

Host from home, that’s free, and good if you have a decent internet connection, and PC / Home server. Look up SRCDS.

Usually a bad idea if you want more than 2 or 3 people on… baring in mind most homes have a ADSL type connection with an extremly low upload rate