Free Light Box Letter Assets For Maps

Hey all!

These are some old models I made a while back. Intended to remake them in multiple fonts, upper case and lowercase, but I am now working on a community based mapping project and this has fallen aside.
Assets look great in day time maps and are fully tintable.
Front faces are light masked for night maps or dark areas.
Used as one single model, with body groups used for changing letters.

Unfortunately these are earlier models I made so there are slight position offsets for each character. Hardly noticeable but easily fixed in Hammer. I ask that if you use them you let me know so that I know if they were useful or not and so that I can provide more useful assets in the future.

Hope to bring you some snippets of the Rising Tide game mode project / map I have been working on with u/Sinbad and a few other team members, we have some incredible mapping to showcase, and look forward to posting about it, but until then, I hope you guys enjoy these simple sign letters.
You can find these letters and some clean curbs here.

You may need to play around with materials and stuff to get this to work as intended, since your file location and organization will be different than mine.

If you have any issues getting these working, or have questions, discord me!
Atherial#2210 (8)



These look awesome, thanks for making them free and available to everyone <3


Sooooo… I think that’s very good.


Thanks so much! Glad they may be of use to someone. :relaxed:

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Thank you ! Hope it can come in handy for someone.

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kinda reminds me of the neon lights from fallout 4, pretty cool.
this seems really useful for alot of people

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Ohh never played but those definitely come up a ton when I am looking at reference images. Love that system so much! Maybe I will do neon next. :smirk:

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