Free Loading Screen Generator[beta]

I worked on this for a while now and im finally done:

I made a website where you can basically generate your own Loading Screen, edit it and use it for your server completely for free.
The only thing you need to have is a Steam Account to log in!
so you do not need a Server!

The Loading Screen has many options you can change to make it fit for your Server.

Changable Things:
-Server Name
-Short Slogan
-(NEW 02-03-2017) Uploading of own Background images

And there are no Watermarks!

The Site is in Beta at the moment so there will be a few things added in the future:

So if you want your own Loadingscreen now check out my Website:

Here is an example

This is probably usefull for a lot of server owners.
great job!

I just used it. Thx man this is one of the most epic loading screen generators i have ever seen, great job! ;D

Thank you guys!
I appreciate it :slight_smile:

It’s ok, but the customization is SEVERELY lacking. No ability for custom mp3s, backgronds, fonts, more then 5 rules, changing the code, etc.

I’ll just stick to default loading for now.

Thank you very much for the suggestion and criticism!

Thats exactly what I was looking for!
I will be starting with these suggestions!


Don’t add music to the load screen.

Good Idea! Im gonna add the option!

Edit: Option added

You’re taking criticism and potential suggestions like a champ, well done.

Good job with this by the way.

Thanks buddy :smiley:

Why oh why do you people think I want to hear some stupid ass song when joining your server? I immediately disconnect from any server using a loading song.

Allow for Multiple Custom Backgrounds?

You mean changing Background images?

Nice! But, can you add this?

  • Text Animations
  • YouTube Music URL
  • Dailymotion Music URL
  • Soundcloud Music URL
  • Background change per seconds/minutes

these are some good ideas!
I ll see what i can realize!
I will start with multiple changing backgrounds!


(What do you mean with Text animations?)

Could try something like a slow scrolling ticker, or something that fades or animates the text into view (like PowerPoint)

Just as a few presets of course. Something better could always be done by a dedicated scripter~

I think communities would appreciate the ability to upload a custom logo as an alternative for the text. :]

Your site is completely exploitable:
(make sure unsafe scripts are allowed, this is cause my site isn’t SSL locked, and I’m too lazy to go to cloudflare and get a free one, so there is no real threat)
(alerts loop 3-4 times cuz i got bored and just c+p’d the server name, also a tiny bit nsfw, if you count dolphins as not acceptable for work)

This also goes for the users’ profile.
Someone malicious can cause some real damage if you have an admin panel, although I’m not that type of person, I just enjoy messing with the front-end.

Also some advice: <center> is deprecated, and I’d recommend you switch from it to text-align: center;

good luck


With Watermarks I mean a Watermark on the actual Loadingpage,
You can’t see this Screen when joining a Server or anything!

Just when you left click on the Loading Screen Page, so it’s technically not really a Watermark, since there is no way you can see it as a user