Free Modeling Program?

Does someone know a free Modeling Program that I can use to model some basic shapes then export them to Source format? I’ve tried kHED but it isn’t working because it gives me a FileSystem_Steam.dll not working or to that effect.

Blender’s free.

Okay. I suppose I should give it another try.

you could use the autodesk 3ds max student program to get it for free


forget what everyone said about 3ds max or blender (or even maya), sketchup is what you want to go with.

I will second getting a student version of 3DS Max. I managed to get one, and I don’t even attend the school I put in the form.

Google sketchup was objectively the worst free modeling program I had to contend with.

He asked for free and it’s free.

Does everyone here have to respond with a smart ass remark? Is it a requirement I’m not aware of?

If you want quick, simple props in Source, 3DS Max is definitely the best with those Wall Worm tools. You can compile models and materials straight to Source directly from 3DS Max. Lots of helpful guides and videos on the site, too.

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SketchUp is easier to use than Blender, but it’s a pain to set up with Source.

Nah, they give it out to everyone w/o any check. I own all of their student version programs, though I filled in the form with a school somewhere in Somalia.

I’m going to have to say Sketch up, Sure it doesn’t have as much plugin creators as it use but its still good for quick mockups then exporting to 3D Max for a little editing and then export back for a quick fix up and your done.

What do you guys think about Milk Shape? Is it a pain for HL2? Is it worth it to buy it?

It’s cheap, but it’s really obsolete. I wouldn’t really recommend it for HL2, as it was made with HL1 exporting in mind.

Sculptris its similar to Zbrush but much more basic