Free modelling software for HL1?

I’ve wanted to learn how to modify models and maybe a bit of modelling from scratch so I thought I should start out small.
Do anyone know of a free modelling program for a first-time modeller?

It should be for HL1 due to lower amount of polygons and low-res textures, making the whole process much easier.

3DS Max is a no-go because it’s too complicated.

Modelling is complicated, regardless of poly count.

Try XSI 7.5 and follow these colt tutorials.

I tried XSI and it was incredibly complicated.
Then I tried Milkshape 3D and it’s easy to use and very user friendly.
Thanks for your help anyway.


XSI is not complicated.

It took me like a week to get used to it.

The good old saying no pain no gain applies in modeling too. And most aspects of life.

XSI is piss easy compared to 3D Studio.
I almost died just looking at the screen.

I’ll try XSI one more time then.

In my opinion, Blender is the most intuitive modeling program. I’ve tried XSI and 3DS Max, and those were incredibly hard to use. I seem to be alone in this opinion, though. And I’m not sure Blender works with HL1, although I think it will. But, as ~ZOMG said, modeling for Source is about as challenging as modeling for GoldSrc. The poly count really doesn’t affect it. In fact, it would probably be easier to learn modeling for Source, since there’s a ton more tutorials.