FREE MP5A and wood planks

Trying to start up a new server so for a limited time im setting up starter kits with 150 woodplanks and a mp5 to help get you started you can only claim this once. the command to type in chat is /kit this shows you whats available and the wood planks and mp5 are on the hatchet kit so in the chat while you are someplace safe on the server you would type /kit hatchet to recieve these items the fastest way to find my server is to bring up the console in the main menu (f1) and type net.connect this server is in missouri and if you cant access directly for whatever reason you can search for it in the server browser the server name is Multiplay :: New [US] central Server please help start up and join This is an oxide sever 1/4 craft time sleepers /no censors/ no blocked builds/pvp clan wars doorshare and can add more if everyone wants something added as the server gets bigger i will be looking for more admin so if intrested join up and help grow this server also Iwill not allow any admin abuse of priviledges this means everyone earns what they got. will be keeping a close eye on hackers and keep them of our server

(User was banned for this post ("missed the servers subforum" - postal))