Free Particle Effect collection

Pred’s Particle Effect Collection

Hi everyone, I have been working with the Particle Editor in the Half Life Alyx tools, and have created a collection of particle effects.

You can use these and modify them however you want, they should provide a nice base for testing.
I will update this thread whenever I post new particle effects.


The gifs were too large to be uploaded here, so I have created a Github pages site, where you can download all the particles effects and check them out.

I hope you can use them for something cool :slight_smile:


I will have a look at this and tear them apart to understand particles in source 2


Have fun! Let me know if there’s any issues, and I’ll do my best to help/fix it :monkey:

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Is the method for making particles still the same method as It was in GMOD? The valve way?

I’m not sure what the method was in GMOD, but to create Particle Effects for S&box and HL Alyx you use the Particle Editor from the Workshop tools.
It has some advanced features which I haven’t gotten into yet, and you can make some really cool shit:

Credit to @ogniK for this video


These look hot, nice work

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I’ll upload a few more later today, and I’ll also replace the gifs with videos so they look smoother

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You’re an absolute chad for making these particles

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There is an old particle editor for source 1, but it is such an outdated piece of shit that you’re honest to God better off using lua to make them.

This will definitely save me some time when it comes to common particles. Cheers!

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