Free picture loading screen!

I’m bored so i thought why not im giving a free loading screen picture that i’ll make for you! If you think its bad then okay!

So if you want it done for you add me on steam or leave a comment!

If you want check out my server on sandbox at :

Also i’ll host it for free if you would like via my web host!

free picture loading screen made in ms paint

Looks good!
Can you remove the rounded corners on the gmod logo?

Yes sure :slight_smile:

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Done! :slight_smile:

Is it an image on its own?

Yes :slight_smile:

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One I made for a kid!

You should offer this as a web page. Recreate the layout with HTML and CSS so it automatically resizes and pass a GET parameter so servers can set their loading URL to loadingscreen.php?bannerText=My Server

Could you tell me the fonts for those pictures?

I’ll never get why server owners put there name on the loading screen.

“admins have final say”
oh god no.

On topic: The red bar above the garry’s mod logo seems to have outline shadows while all the other lines don’t. Is it supposed to be like this? Because it looks like an awkward odd one out.

That i made because he wanted it that way it’s not my idea to have a Owner name on a server loading screen xD

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To be honest i would if i could but i have no experience with much html nor php :confused:

if any one wants to help me please do :smiley:

Here’s something to get you started with basic HTML & CSS replacement. It’s not much, but it might help you.

Someone tries to do something for free and out of pure kindness to help new server owners, and you try to diss him?

Take a long look hard in the mirror at yourself my friend.

Thank you :slight_smile:

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although i dont know how to change the font and add pictures and all that

What font did you use for it?

F14 you are a lad! :slight_smile:

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The font is comfortaa :slight_smile:

Hey all this is finally going to be put as a html / php due to the helpful guy who helped me! CommyPeter! It will have the server map name showed the steam id of the player and other features! What this means is that i can make them much faster for you! So if you need one don’t hesitate to ask!

Looks rather simple and it’s something that anyone could make given an hour or less of css/html research and photoshop, to be honest.

Try looking into Web design. You could implement it into a Web page. It’s good to see somebody giving to the community for free.

If you want to look at Web design I recommend w3Schools.