Free Public Teamspeak 72 Slots may increase

I know many of you want some communication with your friends when playing Rust, so I am opening my teamspeak to the public.
You may come on, and Request Jaber(me), Connor, Larkin, Jackhammer to make you a personal channel if you wish or use the ones provided.
Your channel must have a password, you will be give channel admin for that channel.

Rules (Copied from Rules Channel) -

As a Moderator you are given the permission to Move yourself and friends into your channel. You will only be given this power by Jaber, Larkin, Connor, or Jackhammer. IF you are caught abusing this power, ie. Moving people around and playing musical chairs you will instantly be demoted to a Registered user and your channel will be deleted.

If Admins are caught abusing. Banning out of free will, banning without a valid reason, or just banning because they are bored they will be demoted to a Moderator. If they continue to abuse they will be demoted to a registered member.
Upon Joining the Teamspeak 3**
You will once be offered by staff, if you’d like a personal channel, if you deny, you must contact later on Jaber, Larkin, Connor, or Jackhammer. Mods cannot provide you with a personal Channel. If you are caught moving random people from lobby to your channel your channel will be deleted and you may not have another channel again. You will be given a server group that proves you cannot have another channel again.
You will be branded

The basics:

Don’t go into channels and spam music/your mic

Don’t piss people off (don’t start stupid fucking drama)

You can cuss

Racism is frowned upon but you won’t get banned for it

Don’t threaten/provoke anyone on teamspeak

You cannot be a racist towards someone in the teamspeak

Don’t like the rules? Get the fuck out.

We play and are active on a Rust server, if you wish to join us you may but that’s your choice. If you join the server you must have your own group, we are no accepting anyone into our group.

If you wish to come on the info is no password.